First Day of School

It’s Wiley and Scout’s first day of the school year. Wiley is starting 1st grade and Scout is going in for TK. We were worried Scout might need some convincing to stay, but he loved it. Played with his friend Woody and had a grand old time. Hopefully that lasts.

Eddy Merckx

Liam and I did a little restoration work on the Eddy Merckx bike we got. New housing and cables. Liam wrapped the handlebars with some fresh tape. I put on a new Columbus steel sticker after removing the old worn down sticker. It was a little caulk eyed, but that’s fine. We were going to sell it, but I think we might hold on to this one for a little while.

I ended up getting a jersey to go with it…

Scout Practicing on His Bike

Any day now he’ll be riding a bike. Wiley learned to ride a bike in a day. At the time I remember thinking I must have been an amazing teacher. With Scout it has required much more patients. We have been practicing for a couple weeks now. He can ride for about a half block on his own, but needs help starting and stopping and can only go straight. We will get there eventually.

Day 3 – Breckenridge, CO

After driving for most of the day, we decided to stop before getting to Denver. Dana had a friend from Cleveland who was now running her own bar in the small ski town of Breckenridge, CO. I found a ski lodge that was pretty inexpensive due to being off season and we were able to make a night of it. We ate dinner at Dan’s friends place that night. Early this morning I went for a mountain bike ride while the kids got ready. Then they joined me for a hike through some of the Breckenridge trails. Penny took it upon herself to be our trail dog. It was a really nice and unexpected stop on our journey.

That is the hotel we stayed in.