Road Trip 2019 – Day 1 – Cedar Rapids

We’re Day 1 into our road trip to Cleveland. Dana has become a pro at prepping for road trips. The kids were rocking head phones and iPads. Books and games hanging off the back of the seats for them to occupy themselves. They still managed to argue over what show to watch, but still better than it could have been.

We stopped off in Las Vegas to grab lunch with Peggy and Uncle Chris. And eventually we landed in Cedar Rapids, Utah. I took advantage of the day light we had left and went on a short bike ride.

Big Bear – Snow Summit Mountain Biking

Danny, Chris and I headed up to Big Bear after my dad’s funeral. We missed out on the first day of riding as a result, so we made the most out of our second day. We got a total of 4 rides before Chris and Danny called it quits. We had each ate dirt at least once. Chris twice, but not a scratch on him. I wanted to do one more and that would be my undoing. I took one of the easier trails to be safe, since I was on my own. But I went balls to the wall on it. A half mile into the 5 mile ride I took a jump off a rock and when I felt my tail coming up, I straightened my legs to push it back down and avoid going over my bars. Unfortunately I landed it with my legs locked and my right knees gave out, spending my slamming into the ground. It was a new level of pain for me. I thought I might have broke my leg or knee. A rider behind stopped to help. It took a couple minutes for me to stand and once I could I realized I would have to get myself down the rest of the hill on my bike. It was painful. I’ve been icing it and recovering. Hopefully I’ll be back to 100% by the time we head out on our road trip.

Scout Rides!!!

After several tries over the last couple months, Scout finally rode his bike without training wheels. He came to me in the garage as I was fixing a flat on my bike and asked if we could practice riding his bike. He has been pretty good at pacing him self, so I wasn’t expecting him to get it. But he did it! He wanted to take a break after a couple runs. We’ll be back at it this weekend.